One day I will leave –
To hold the sunset’s hand as I dilute into the unknown
To go where the clouds whisper a legend,
Where the birds converse with the storm,
I’ll leave behind me a childish alley, many a familiar smile,
To reach a strange haven of peace and bitterness,
And civilization behind me, will be this silhouette which merges with the shadow of the days
I will choose my captivity in this very place
Leaving my freedom in the wind that envelops travelers
Time will stop for a moment and I will ask you « Are you happy? »
At this very spot,
Leaving behind me the anemic agitation of the city, I will leave,
Write the spell of the poets, and History will flow through my fingers
Can you make out our love in the colors of the sky?
Can you hear it in the hoarse voices of the forest?
I leave to lose myself, and to sink in the insoluble darkness of the fantasy,
Before waking up dazzled by an even brighter light,
While the next day draws new desires on my unfinished canvas,
Come, let us take the thread of this story at the beginning,
Let’s be the newborns that this world innocents
I leave, and where I go,
My name will have a different reflection,
My voice will be firmer, and my heart wilder
I’m going where my destiny turns like a chimeric wheel
I’m leaving

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