The saddest cop in town

LAPD raids Tijuana
Heroin stained the whitewashed walls
I threw a baseball into the sun
I hit the heart of a wounded bird

The loader of my automatic gun is full
Let me shoot the evening in vain
The sun wets my shirt and my Ray-Bans
The plaster of the sky is falling apart

A switchblade brandished before the night
The politician shouted in the church yard
I drank a case of hooch
My informant’s skull is split in two

They’ll say it’s better if it’s over between us two
The radios are crackling, but all I hear is your silence
Come on, talk to me, I’m disillusioned without your voice
The waitress is asthmatic, the bar empty witout you

A rum and orange coke two streets over
Welcome to the Land of Dreams
Come wallow in hope
The amusement park turns a blind eye to crime

And the night flutters, impatient and uncivil
The iron arms of the future
Have robbed me of your smile
I punched the cognac balloon

The ocean blows its silver wind near here
Come dance a tango with me!
I miss you friend, talk to me
In this marijuana haze

I blinked three times
Pop music tore through my eardrums
The massacre had already happened
Sirens wailed in the white night

I’m the saddest guy in the LAPD
I’m drinking with my eyes open in the police station’s bathroom
The robbers are making eyes at me
And the ocean swallows my conscience

The key to my soul I threw in a pool of carbon
The magazines are all about you and me
A cop who defied the noise of the megacities
Get rid of this scandalous rag!

A saxophonist drunk under the moon
Has handed me his silver oupelle
I jog under the stars
I’m the saddest cop in town

Come, meet me on the pier
I’ve got some things to say to you before I jump in the waves
I loved a star, it’s gone like a black idea
And the jazz devours the sky like a fog

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