Luxemburg Chaos (EN)

Paris – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Growth rate 3.5%.
I put on my most low cut dress
My läif (body) is on fire
I drink Riesling in a crystal suite of the Grand Hotel
The rusty chandelier is fanning my crazy locks
Life is a Klengegkeet (trifle), a candlestick gone up in smoke.

His Royal Highness the Grand Duke Henri
Spit on a stray dog near a jewelry store
His snuffbox takes the rain
I ransacked a first bank
I threw the bundles of money on the Place d’arme
It looks like a shower of green schnéi (snow)
While singing Ons Heemecht (hymn of Luxembourg)

Panic-stricken pedestrians struggle to catch up
A manager moans in Lëtzebuergsch (Luxembourgish)
Traveller I love you like a madman, like a criminal on the run
The Fort Thungen makes us the big eyes this night
The glass vessel of the museum of modern art has come down from its base
It will take us into the eye of the sun
To protect us from the dirt of this world

Traveler, you were my landmark in this country
I will commit the sënn (sin) of lust
Take my hand let’s go haunt the Philarmonie
Let’s go drink at the Crystal club
Joffer (miss), will you kiss this Traveler?
Musek (music) is tearing my eardrums
There is a Spiegel (mirror) at the bottom of the box
My tears Travelers, are imperceptible
Let’s rip the bags off the girls in Gucci Poiray and Vuitton

Let’s spread the ashes of our worldly morals
And the rain falls on the macaroons of Goedert
Let’s go down the path of the cornice
Take my hand my angel, come,
I’ll take you to eat a chocolate raspberry
Luxury makes me nauseous
Traveler let go of my hand
This world is unbearable for me
I will set fire to the high-pitched laughter of the passers-by

The castle of Urspelt spies on the sparrows
I sneak in between the waitresses in white
The stars clear the night of suspicion
The Charlotte Viaduct in Kirchberg lights up
The moon blows its light on the Ardennes
Can you hear the imperceptible movement of the hours?
The Empfanksbuffet (the reception buffet) flashes with a thousand lights
My eyes are wet, I have eaten the dregs of worldly conversations

I can’t forget your smile, Traveller
I’m an Entreprenner (entrepreneur) of crime, crazy about your Gesiicht (face)
Come spiller with me, to love, let’s get out of here kiss me
Let’s make love on the weeping Kiesel (rocks) or in this forgotten Wisen (valley)
The Meedercher (girls) follow us, let’s go and do some Dommheeten (nonsense)
Life is a Klengegkeet (trifle), a candlestick gone up in smoke
I die for a Bees (kiss), the night is an Erliefnes (event) here

What is the temperature of your body, in this criminal storm?
Take these dried fruits and this flamethrower.
Let’s go set the villas on fire
I’m not gonna lie to you I’m just passing through this life
And my love for you was an accident It landed me in the ditch

I’m a Bierger (citizen) of revolt, my smile is a GiewelI
And my Fieder (pen) is the only one that can soak up the ink of my heart
See! A church is already burning, traveler!
I have set fire to the city of Luxembourg!
Law firms, banks and store fronts are burning like weeping lovers
The fire crackles slowly in the apple of my zombie eyes

I’m not gonna lie to you I still love you but I have to do my crimes
There is Blutt (blood) on my hands, the embers fly to the lamps of the lampposts
Children are screaming, a fat man has his hands on his cap.
Who put a Diks (record)? I don’t want music! I want to see the city burn!
I lost the love of the only man I loved. I want to see the city go up in smoke!

The next day, the embers became black wax
I made myself a Kroun (crown) with beads picked up in the gutter
Shreds of money cling to the branches of the trees. You can hear the firemen’s sirens.
Life is a Klengegkeet (trifle), a candlestick gone up in smoke.
I die of love for a Traveller, who falls asleep far from my crimeµ

Come spiller (play) with me, let’s leave here embrace me
Traveler my pain is not waterproof and you broke my heart
I drink Riesling in a crystal suite.
I’m waiting for you on the seventh floor of Urspelt Castle.
Do you want a Pijen (peach), I stole some for you in the middle of the chaos.
My eyes are wet, I wiped my eyes with the dust of morality,
I can’t forget your smile, Traveller


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