Amandié / The almond tree (French Provençal / English)

The children run down the hill, the roumavàgi (procession)
Gushes between the ochre lights, the hand of the nòvi (fiancée)
Collects each of the sparkles of the sky of eici (from here)
And the souls turn around the happiness like a relògi (clock) ;

A chest of drawers of almond wood weary
Contemplates the restless fire of youth
Come to caress the ar-de-sedo (rainbow) of fabrics
The dresses of the fado (fairy); come fa d’esbroufe (show off)

In the eyes merinjado (eggplant)
Of this bride in gounello (miniskirt)
The intriguing charm of the abiho (bee)
The playful vivacity of a baudufo (spinning top)

Come forward, come and applaud, encaro (again)
A white salvo for the dansarello (the dancer)
The estello (the star) waits for her lover near a passejado (a walk)
To lock him up in a big bluio (blue) bag

Shadowy forms, pupils of dra (dragon)
What do you have to parpeleja (blink)?
Is it necessary a drama to pantaia (dream)?
The wind of the valleys, for pensa (think)?

It arises like the fist of the Devil, the calabrun (twilight)
Buries the tender eye of the manufatan (rogue)
A firecracker slams in the cloudy dew; the chavano (storm)
Irrigates the bulging backs of the restanco (terraced crops)

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