The hacker who loved me (song)

Reader you won’t believe these lines, but this is my true story
I began to write about love, for to me it had been a mystery
The night kicked off the lights and I stayed until late
I wrote thousand poems, thinking about someone to date

The girl my poems reflected, the woman of my verses
Was the reverse of the light — the fan dispersed my tears
Then – all of a sudden I received some messages
A stranger had read and loved one of my inked pages
I fall in love with him, he inspired me this story
Passion put in a billion stanza, I became dizzyOne night staring through the window with a glass of brandy,
Thinking of the love of my life hiding her cruelty

I cried for thousand night, my ink dried on my pallid fingersThis poem is a tribute to deceived lovers

se lines are to love what crime is to fever

Friends, I have written three month every day every hour
In the passion of words, to seduce a hacker
I said I would deliver him the best poetry ever
That I will marry him once I get the Pulitzer

But the hacker fell in love with me and admitted it never
I have discovered the truth, I gave my heart to a saboteur
I never told my true love, and I landed in a silenced hell
This poem is a tribute to the hacker
Who loved me and my poetry as well

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