MISHAQ (The Game) / Hebrew / EN

I reached the shpitz (peak) of feelings playing this game
One sniyah (second) too many I had set my eyes on you
The shamayim (heavens) began to slap me my cheeks turned pale
I lost my shèinah (sleep) for love of a ghost

In the shalvah (serenity) of this poem I longed for breathe
I played chess with the finest sahqan (player) in this neighborhood
Traveler, I have lost for I fell in love. Let me cry. I drink a vodka qarameel (caramel)
Tzohorayim (midnight) already the sun is ringing at my door

Keep me from becoming ‘ivèr (blind) to the beauty of the world
My heart is compressed in my chest like a bullet in a kalache
I have lost my sibah (reason) while swimming in a sababah (wonderful) feeling
Nosè’a (traveler) I want my lines to become the shadow of your smile

I will go to the next mitzpor (bird watching post) I will fly away like a bird,
Poetry can no longer extinguish the fire that has begun to burn my wings
Give me one last look from your mirpeset (balcony), Traveler
The mishpat (judgment) of the night and the stars will strike me down tonight

My forehead is sweating this mishaq (game) between us has driven me insane,
You have a nèhèdar (beautiful) smile, Traveler, I will not forget your mèratèqèt (captivating) voice
I’m going to damn myself in the dunes of Mitzrayim (Egypt) to the sources of black magic
I will change my skin, change my face, pour my blood into the burning sand

I will reappear under the appearance of the moon in its mantle of purity and light
And I will envelop you at night when you close your eyes, mèfatèh (seduced) by my radiance
I will finally be yours in this cradle of light, every night, malakh (my angel)
At dawn mèsounènèt (dripped) in golden bunches, I will go back to the dunes to melt in the sand

I will cry out my pain to you, you my only mouzah (muse) but you will be gone
My lip (heart) has curled up, it has become an amulet for the spirits
Only in the evening, my levanah (white) dress contrasts with the blackness of my cheeks
Drink the liqèr (liquor) of the moon, for I have become the moon, my love, I will leave at dawn

I have sold my kavod (honor) for infernal verses. Jerushalayim (Jerusalem) pities me
My cloak of light on my back, I knelt by your arm. It lay on the bed
At last the hosèkh (darkness) allow me to look at you. The hom (fever) makes me shiver
I am a holah (sick) moon of loving a sleeping havayah (wonderful) mountain of words

I cried more than usual last night but I had to give up our ride
You are hofshi (free) my love, I give you back your freedom, may the horèf (winter) take away your cruelty
As for me I become a woman again. I go to the harpatqah (adventure) in another historic time
A heikhal (palace) of sand will welcome my steps. A tornado is coming. I will try to survive you.

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