Lolita (English translation)

A methylene blue night,
A blouse hung on a star,
And the night that reddens our blood,
Traveller, stop for a moment

Our clouds of pride illuminate our consciences,
The illusions softly evaporate on the dikes,
A Lolita asleep at the bottom of a chiseled vault,
Vertigo of the sensitive world, disordered loves,

Ultimate stroke of brushes, on the dazzling sky,
Spotlights on the History of our doubts
The sun is a neon which changes color quickly,
And my love a Neapolitan beer, an obsession without return

The sandman sells coke to this girl
Your breath leaves iridescent golden traces in the air
The night discovers her shoulders of spun nylon
Traveler, stop for a moment, the sky changes color

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