Strange birds (English)

Strange birds watching our skies.

Love birds tearing guilty clouds

Nd above the Eiffel tower blackened

Magpies dashing to Los Angeles

Listen to me, passerine angel,

Take my hand, its full of rust,

I won’t let you suffer in polluted heavens,

I won’t let you desire what’s vain and taken

My heart’s syrup will rapture your endangered glow

Take this ring on your leftest feather

Do not make a noise, passerine lover,

For I have seen your heart shine in the dust

I saw your soul, I saw unknown love birds,

Let me adore your darkest feather,

Glow like a shadow on this polluted river,

Let me clear your skies, cover your path of copper.

That’s truth I swear, I love a bird,

Only saw its glow on my soul’s darkest water

But the splash of it made me wonder

Is there more to life than his hours?

That’s love, I swear, I truly love her,

I shall let these rhymes circle her nightmares,

Soften the fury touch of her eyes,

That’s love, I swear, I love a bird

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