One second

You told me about a world we choose for ourselves
A world made of wounds disinfected with brandy
You handed me your own doubts bound on sky blue paper
I took your book in my hands and fate slipped from these pages
Like a child tobogganing down a hill and laughing in the powder
I was caught up in the beauty of death
I didn’t dare to read anything else but the transient fate
And from here to there, I don’t know in which country I will be tomorrow
If I’ll be alive enough to write to finally
Make you laugh enough I don’t know if
The burning sun will let me escape, but in a corner of my heart
If I find myself lost in a starry prison, in an inhuman sky
In the midst of people who don’t look like me
Who have a taste for death and a cold, tender smile
I will let my dog and my last breath accompany you
We will leave behind our most locked dreams
And the flag of friendship flying over the ice-cold spaces
We will make a blue fire shine on the vast expanses
We’ll talk for hours about all those bonds
Who could delay by one second the time to join shadows
And we will pray that tomorrow will be like us.

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