First poem – Carole Rana

your thoughts sink into thick clouds
grey and heavy as a city,
in the distance on the water, the storm rages
and your sadness is a black hole
for yes, there are treasure maps,
the books on the shelves tell,
but for how many false leads?
the proof: the boy of your dreams
has been lost in the open sea for a long time already
he writes you letters forever
sitting at the window of his childhood
and you say that this life is so
« disappointing
yet you are a moving boat!
you think of a poem,
you write a poem,
you have written a poem
you keep the course with a master’s hand,
and the waves break,
they cunningly shift,
and as the swell bursts into laughter
you write that the ocean teaches you :
« that you have to stand up,
if you want to be happy ».
so every day, standing up straight
you wring out the clothes from the day before,
with your courage fueled, you return to the fight
and despite the journeys without a compass
despite the contrary currents,
none of your poems is ever really
and the furrow of your ship
gently mixes sun and sea,
saves my life

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