Something that I have misplaced (Kirghizstan)

A plane burns the impassive sky
I wander on Ala-Too (huge central square of Bishkek)
In search of the light
The night strangles the red grass
A shepherd in Pamir followed his flock
A hundred days through the blizzard
He turned into a gust of wind
And speaks to me across the steppes
On horseback, a rifle against my chest,
I come here to look for
Something I’ve misplaced
Hunters in helicopters
Machine-gunned a couple of wolves
I sat on a wet rock
Waiting for daybreak,
My blood fell into the stream
The red furrows showed me the way
To what my heart desires
I come here to seek
Something I have misplaced
A beautiful electric fire
Fizzes in front of a midnight blue yurt
A golf club in hand,
The ball will show me the way
To what my heart desires,
I was distracted in another life,
Today dressed in red, my leather belt
Contains a sword that burns the sky
I come to confess my crime in Kyrgyz
The stars rain ash
On the sidewalks deserted by flowers,
Don’t tell me that she drowned her soul
In the dark waters of Yssyk Kul,
Don’t make me change my mind
I’m going to survey the glacier lake of Merzbacher
In search of a piece of her black dress
That I will tear off from the memory of the birds
To sew on the canvas of my desires
A serene and impregnated sky my vain quest,
The mountains can collapse
To become an ocean of snow,
I will follow the whiteness that haunts my conscience
To find in this country
Something that I have misplaced

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