Take you dancing (EN)

I know that the stars are dying
Drawn in by the cloudy charm of poisonous galaxies

I know that the sky is emptied of its light
But if you stop for a moment to pick this red flower,
Its petals scattered on the ice of an unholy lake
On which the sun spits one thousand rays scattered like strobes,
I’ll take you dancing,

Beyond the night in medieval illumination
I’ll walk on the ice until I collapse
Swimming under the stratosphere, in the cold waters
A heady music for clothing, in the light of political wanderings,
Varnishing the world with my laughter polished by years

And when you join me in the ancestral oblivion
Our hands joined in the grave, as they were in the world,
The grasses will quiver under the salvos of the cannons
Our closed eyes will revisit history
The battlefields in the charred light,
The too glossy living rooms, and the frozen smiles
That child looking through a spyglass.

I’ll take you dancing,
And the world widens, as we chase the sky above sea level
And the politicians demolish the cliffs that once held the sighs of the sea.

I know that stars only die once
But in the explosion of our quiet consciences,

Rolled in blood in the gutter of past,
I will seek oblivion in the forgiveness of your eyes,
I will seek love, History and the great evening
In the fever without destiny of the big capitals.
On a wet newspaper that decomposes in a brown puddle,

Before our ideals fade away like oil lamps
In a shed given over to birds and prostrate bandits,
I’ll take you dancing on the eternal dance floor,
The sky turned into a crystal ribbon,
The rock will be our respite in this den of night

Let’s dance until the light takes us away
Until our sweat forms thick clouds
Until the impeccable lawns
That border the villas of all the parks sheltered from the sufferings of the world
Are moved by our fate
Let’s dance
Take you dancing

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