Surfaces (3)

Is love mere verticality?
A tall figure in the midst of smokes?
No, it is no vertical event, see
Love doesn’t stand, no jokes :

Love is a merely a surface
Sometimes a phrase sometimes a point
Inside the landscapes we face,
Love is a political dispute

Yes, love is a room,
In the middle of nowhere
Love is a room, a study where
Even all my secrets can loom

Love is a surface, it is a town
Tell me, who inhabits this prison now?
Love is a name, it is a sound
The moon’s darkness, as my dreams glow

Love is a street and an alley
An array of triffles and blue flowers
Love is a riffle, it is a key
Lost in the herbs, defeated fears

Seen how love is a country?
Did you even reach its border?
I’ll take you there, eventually,
Love is a land, borderless fever

More ? Love is a continent,
A universe made of silly goals
Love is a fuel, a firmament
Lyrically put love is jewels

As they envelop our weak figure
As our souls walk side by side,
As we lie in love, like in a lure
Fronting each other, and to our lands’ tied

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