To Mary (Romani + English)

Teyavel arasno tiro lov (hallowed be your name)
A murderous rain on the earth
I walked a hundred days
In search of your body
Sir pe bolipe, ad’a i pe phu (On earth as in heaven),
I found nothing palpable but the incendiary clouds
God looked at me with his black eye sparkling
And his reproaches riddled my flesh and poisoned my heart
I could not abandon you to Time
So I walked, not looking where I was going
Ad’a teyavel (so be it)

The virgin of virgins looked at me and caressed my cheek
My eyelashes closed on a single grain of sand
I breathed the forgotten perfume of roses as I approached the smoke of the city
I know my dream is a fool’s dream – but my heart is restless
I will make the earth tremble, burn the grass under my steps,
I’ll go through sid’a i sid’a (the ages of ages) my lips closed
The rain will turn my bitterness upside down, I will have no respite
Until I find your grave by the ocean
Ad’a teyavel (so be it)

Yov sasti Mari, pherdi dey (Hail Mary full of grace)
I am a fool, I am consumed little by little in the night of the hours
Grant me a little of your brilliance, pour your shadow over me
I walked a hundred days and a night to find a rose
And my steps have traced on the ground bloody verses
San Mari, Isoseskiri day (Holy Mary, Mother of God),
Give me a second to see her black lashes
Of her hair in the wind, of her winged look
I pierced the time with a versified arrow, my knees in the sand
I implore your mercy, Mary full of grace
Ad’a teyavel (so be it)

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