To win the Pullitzer in 10 lessons

I searched a hundred ways to find back the light of love

Until I witnessed the flight of an ink stained dove —

If the time is right, we’ll draw gold from heaven,
I have been tied to vain nights, I have cried insane,
But if the sun shines today, we shall walk until glory,
As for my past the Gods told me they felt truly sorry.

For my memories are made of unsure ventures,
But I am now ready for abyssal adventures

My friends I promise you singing tomorrows
A future spreading its wings, a future that glows

We shall rip off the skies of their soulless blue,
Win the Pullitzer, yes madness may be true,
So let’s make our hopes shine on the back of History,
There will be no second time, no given glory

But if we hold true to what we love most,
Literature will give us a life that strives and lasts
Upon folded centuries and withered lily

So let’s walk and unhook the stars of poetry.

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