Konikya / Someone (Rohingya + English)

Konikya (someone) started to ketkedza (shout),
The moon was shining on a trunk struck by lightning,
I walked the path of insane dreams,
Without tya’nh (money) other than starlight
The kalma (blue) of the fields stretched like an old woman,
My din (religion) immersed in the cloudy sea,
I saw the hope, its motionless silhouette in the fog

Konikya (someone) took my hand, it was night,
We walked to the ocean, neither of us spoke,
It was a day of exile, which will begin again tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow
Until the world makes room for us
A’nhi ekkan hasa hota hoi (let me tell you a truth)
The migratory birds are frozen by the wind
And yet they persevere in their dark flight

Amharar (our) road will be long, it plunges into the dark night
Sitting on the shil (stone) of existence, contemplating the sea of clouds
The ocean sheds brave tears over our destiny
Lines of men and women are treading an unknown zobin (land),
And drown their eyes in the bright light of the Bengali morning
Myanmar is only a dream that children will repeat a thousand times
Before dying in a country that is not theirs

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