The Raj Mandir (Jaipur cinema hall)

I stole a dagger from Rajasthan
Then I tore the giant screen of the Raj Mandir (Jaipur’s grandiose cinema)
And I threw myself into the flames
Perhaps I had fallen asleep in the cinema hall?

While fleeing the fire of Jaipur, I went along a lake
Under the burning light of the stars
Thinking of the singing tomorrows
And I joined the ghost of a king

The night falls on the fortress of Amber
I feel dizzy, the sky is spinning like a bird
I hear riders burning the earth
In front of the white borders of the courtroom

Asleep in the cinema of Jaipur,
Covered by a silk shawl set
I stole a dagger, the screen went up in smoke,
The ghost lent me his armor,

It is composed of four mirrors
That reflect the rays of the summer sun
On its brass one reads verses of the Koran
In the courtyard of the Diwan-i-Khas

I chased away a dove that came to spy on me,
I climbed the steps four by four
Of the observatory of Jantar Mantar
The moon laughed under its cloak

The ghosts of this fortress
Lurk in the hall of public hearings
In the heart of the women’s garden and its divine geometry
A fountain with silver reflections reproduces the sound of birds

The sound of the sitar escapes from the verandah
An oil lamp burns, its light is reflected
On each mirror of the 12 secret passages – They lead to paradise
But already the light returns in the cinema

Was it a film or a reflection of a dream?
I thought I saw a flash of light in the room
The ghost of the king, with his hand on an ivory-encrusted gun,
Was shooting on the giant screen of the Raj Mandir (Jaipur’s grandiose cinema)!

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