North Cape (Norway 3)

I took the coastal express to Honningsvag
The cliffs of the North Cape were sinking in the fog
The colorful houses clinging to the hills
Shone like the broken windows of a church

I turned on the engine of my 4X4
And made headlight calls
To a cargo ship that passed in front of my frozen eyelashes
A colony of seabirds

Ruffled my hair spangled by the cold
I walked for a long time with my hands crossed behind my back
On the ocean of broken rocks of Gjesvaer
To the harbor on the west side of Masgeroya Island

The island of Storstappen takes a sun bath
Offshore as the gusts of wind rob the purity of the landscape
When the midnight sun shines on the ocean
Paradise takes the form of the myriad of islets

I talked with a white-tailed eagle
In the fog he perched on my shoulder
He scratched my neck as he flew to the snowy peaks
Of a mountain obscured by the clouds

Here the light is unreal
It is a ball of fire that springs from the ocean
And the ice is set on fire by beauty
The horizon seems within reach

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