The Red Sun of Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia + English)

Waktu telah menentukan akhir cerita.
Time has fixed the end of this story
The moon decreases over Mount Semeru
The fog envelops the snow, the night
Is an icy caress on my cheeks
And your hand a promise of happiness

Bintang-bintang jatuh di kuburan
The stars have fallen on the cemetery

I row somewhere on the cold water
Between the 13,500 islands of Indonesia
And your face floats above the brown water
I lost my mind when I saw your ghost

Malam membakar kelopak mataku
The night burns my eyelids
The red sun is waving over Kalimantan
The Benett’s cassowary crosses the Borneo forest
Love a plunge in the dark
And the light of the boats haunts the evening

Aku berjalan sampai aku mati
I walked to my death
Do you see my ghost on the crater of the volcano?
In the flames of the jaguars’ eyes?
Hovering over the water of Lake Toba?
The fumes have invaded my soul
I am the spirit of the orchid heart

Apakah Anda ingat siapa saya?
Do you remember who I was?

The hours have caught up with the crazy steed
That used to leap in my burnt chest
The forest smells of sandalwood and teak
I swim in the starless night
The red sun rises over Indonesia

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