Isyan / Revolution (Turkish + English)

I do not know why the gökyüzü (sky) stares at us with contempt;
Did it wipe away my tears when I mourned your departure?
— No:
I only confided in the deniz (the sea)

You see my friend, it is the water that should tower over our lives!
The evren (space) would be a liquid gece (night)
The stars would be submerged by our aşk (love),
The moon would sail to the pontoon of madness
And my faithful kısrak (mare) would learn to swim in this floating sky
Yes, I think everything would be different, if we lived in a liquid dream

And if this is impossible,
And if the sky persists in remaining insensitive to the cries of the heroes of the isyan (revolution),
In the bahar (spring), I will change into a serce (sparrow)
To be able to come and rest on your shoulder
I’ll watch you write
While the sky rains golden rain on Istanbul.

My şehir (city) will not have changed,
The evler (houses) will be the same,
The ruh (spirit) of my father will always sit before our house
And the memory of your face will have remained intact,

But I will fly away with my verses and a part of your yürek (heart)
Only this poem and a Şarkı (song) of sad love will remain of us both

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