Aashra / A flowerless garden (Sudanese Arabic + English)

1 Wahid – I am a sailor without a ship,
And the storm shakes the sea of my ideas
On the pontoon my heart flies in the dark night
The stars shine on the ocean of my soul

2 Itneen – And your face floats above the foam
Like a bird, immobilized by my love,
Your smile is my rudder, thunder has struck a wave
And I paddle tirelessly towards the red sun

3 Talata – Three stars form a trio of luminous mist
Mathematics has no hold on the ocean,
Here the calm returned, I plunged my hand in the waves,
And my heart froze in the swirl of black water

4 Arbaa – I am a bird forgotten by the sky,
My compass sends flashes in the moist air
East-south-north-east, your smile made me lose sight of the horizon
And the sea whitens in my path

5 Khamsa – I am this child who looks at me in the distance,
And this old man who greeted the departure of my imaginary ship
By shrugging his shoulders, he who has seen so many men
Become mad for love

6 Sitta – I am a sailor without a boat, an angel without God,
The night took possession of the sails of the sky,
And I split the future with my invisible bow
I am the sailor haunted by the memory of the ocean

7 Sabaa – Seven times, I pronounced your name,
A seagull landed on the ropes which slipped into the sea,
I chased it m away, shouting a psalm
But once it flew away, it did not leave me out of sight

8 Tamaniya – I am a lighthouse forgotten on a beach,
I am a feeling unknown to men,
I am the sand that comes to wet itself with your oceanic steps
Waiting for you to take me in your liquid arms

9 Tisaa – I am the ninth day of the Creation,
God was absent, a rose took control of the world,
The morning cleared up splashing your face with light,
God was absent and the ocean took my courage

10 Aashra – I am a garden without flowers,
An abandoned lighthouse – a living room without a clock,
And I speak to the ocean of time as to an old friend,
He who pushes me towards the shore of love

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