Bizitzak aurrera jo du noski / Of course, life went on (Basque / English)

I was walking on the blue hill
My itsasorako promontory (with a view of the sea)
The red and golden train of the Rhune passed me
The wind blew dead leaves on my face

And on a rock I saw sitting pensive
A friend who was contemplating the Atlantic
I took his calloused hands, he stood up
He showed me the delirious flight of the clouds

A woman’s face shone in the sky
The night suddenly slapped us on the back
Like an old acquaintance
My friend’s beret flew off

A cesta punta player caught it
« bizitzak aurrera jo du noski! » (of course, life went on!)
My friend said to me, his eyes misty with tears
But where is she, tell me?

The stars began to tremble
Love seemed to me an implacable adversary
I took my friend away from the cliff of the Basques
The wind blew an icy rain on our cheeks

He showed me the luminous parade of boats in the cove of Saint-Jean-de-Luz
And whispered to me softly
But where is she, tell me?
I lost her forever.

I was walking on the blue hill
The sun for all companion
When I came across an old friend
Sitting on a rock and crying over the Atlantic

The red and gold train of the Rhune was already moving away
The night gave us a slap on the back
And the fire of our conversation kept us awake
« bizitzak aurrera jo du noski! » (of course, life went on!)

My friend, his eyes filled with tears, kept asking me
But where is she, tell me?
The stars began to tremble
The night swayed between light and shadow

« zuhaitzak oraindik zut dirau askatasunaren gogoz » (the tree still stands proudly in memory of freedom) I shouted to the moon
But my friend kept crying
Where is she, tell me?
I think I have lost her forever

I answered him with a shrug:
« She is in the wind that haunts your wet eyes,
In your supple wrist when you put verses on paper,
In the dew that covers the grass of the gardens of the castle of Abbadia
In the cement that walls our coasts

She is everywhere, she is part of you
And that’s why I love her too
— « What, you my friend, do you love her?! »
You, whom I thought was my dearest confidant? »

« Without knowing her, your friend, I love her
Because she is now part of our friendship,
Of the nights you will live in the future to make her face revive
In the sands of your soul

I love her too since she is in your heart,
And since you are my dearest friend
Your heart my friend is my dearest friend
That is why I love her without knowing her.

« But you don’t understand, » he answered, wavering,
She is not a part of me
She is everything that loves outside of me
Like a bird loves the sky

Like wine loves the cup
Like a priest loves the nave of his church
As the night loves the poets.
As the earth loves the travelers

Eguzkia agertu zen hodei arteik, inoiz baino ederrago (the sun reappeared between the clouds, more beautiful than ever)
We had talked all night
And the trees seemed to touch the pink base of the clouds
And talk among fools like us!

« bizitzak aurrera jo du noski! » (of course, life went on!)
I walked down the blue hill
I could still hear the voice of my friend
But where is she, tell me?

The stars began to tremble
He was still walking beside me
A young woman in a red dress passed us
She had taken the golden train from the Rhune

The dawn made a fiery trail for her
« amildegitik behera jaurtikiko nauzue! » (you will precipitate me in the abyss)
Shouted my friend charmed by her smile;
She passed us,

Then he began to sing again,
Then he turned back to me
And the stars shone above us
« bizitzak aurrera jo du noski » (of course, life went on)

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