A devilish bird

I am the hostage of an devilish bird
And the night has closed its heavy gates
On the brightness of my heart
An orchard of stars paled before my martyrdom
The children became silent.
I looked for your hand in the darkness,
I clutched the stem of a rose that was losing its petals
The song of a prisoner delivered me from my solitude
I deposited my life on the anvil of your smile,
A hideous chimera roamed around my jail,
But your face prevented me from running away
The beauty surged from the cloudy pupils of the evening
I knelt on the rubble of a rose,
I made a sign of the cross;
The storm was coming,
The rain reflected my soul on the sky –
I heard your voice
I saw the black fumes escape from your eyes.
I danced long before the night faded.
Love is a scar on the cheek of dreams
A lamp that threatens to go out with every gust of reality
I was the captain of a dream.
I spoke to the wind under the light of poetry,
A diabolical nightingale gave me a blow of sword;
I hear it sing my martyrdom on a branch of water

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