Tell Me When Will The War End? (1940’s expressions)

The air force inspects the color of the clouds
The planes dance, the sky is tinged with apricots (plane bombs)
Let me change air (disappear to escape police pursuit)
The sun burned my youthful hopes

The Alcazar (intelligence QG) laughs like a young lady
My friend lay down (confess during an interrogation) in five and a half minutes
A parachutist danced in the sky of grenades
The stars are anti-national, the moon is propaganda

A corpse is found on the side of the road in Meylan,
The night is torn by the light of spiders (swastikas)
The driver of the truck carries a rifle on his belt
The archangels (Belgian spies) watch over the gray coat of France

My eyesight is poor, I can only see trees (German signs) on the horizon
The streetlights have the endless shape of arquebuses
I took out my perfume launcher (machine gun) and tried to break down the curtain of clouds
A woman’s face floated in the red grass, oh you who gave me shelter (to a resistant)

I am in the atmosphere (I disappeared) forgive me my love
I am hitching a ride with the traveling stars
A bomber plane follows me in a dive — or is it a dream?
The airplane’s siren roars in the wind, I pulled out my azor (gun)

I shot seven times in the air, I’ll leave without luggage (to the firing squad) if I’m found
I’m a bandit (resistant) in love, a blue (new resistant) angel
A meteor with dynamite makes my ears ring in the countryside
The German flying torpedoes syringe the sky with blood

A bourgeois (policeman in civilian clothes) smokes the plaster of a greenish night
Do you hear the exchange of gunshots gripping the dark night
Stunts (chain arrests) set the horizon on fire –
Tell me, tell me when the war will end?

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