A song

[a bit like a song]

I am standing upon a cliff
This strange feeling, I fought it off
Before me opens an abyss
What should I do? I jumped and forth

I sang the song of a strong rain
My death will be vain, my hopes I slain
The darkness engulfed my every truth
I jumped in the abyss, back and forth

My life only hit by a lightning
Can I forget the Gods, the stars singing
Upon our vows but were they true
Forget me not, for I did love you

The world is changing at fast pace
The lights get off, as does your face
To forgive the fate, still it’s my right?
I did live with your bliss in sight

To expose this cold unfair night
To close the curtains of the light
On a bright star carried away
To watch the hours fall ashtray

These deceiving, hateful hours
Have bitten the memory’s powers
I ring the bells of a fast death
God knows where is my golden wreath?

I stand upon a cliff, earth is rainy
Let me jump in the stiff reality
Singing a song to make me strong
The power of poetry is so strong

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