Eid-Ul Fitar (Bengali + English)

কাপড়ের স্তূপের আড়ালে চাঁদ দেখা গেল
(The moon appeared behind a pile of clothes)
I walked with my hands behind my back, my service weapon
Bent me forward like an old man; I trampled the moon’s wedding train
She who stared at me like an old acquaintance

গ্যাব্রিয়েল দেবদূত আমাকে লাল রাতে ইশারা করলেন
(The archangel Gabriel beckons to me in the red night)
I shot on his glowing wings, the night rushed into me
I am the guiltiest policeman in Bangladesh
And this Ramadan moon reminds me of my offense

তিনি যুবক ছিলেন, তিনি সুন্দরী ছিলেন, বাতাসে নাচছিলেন
(She was young, she was beautiful, she was dancing in the wind)
I let go of her hand one day as she walked along the Buriganga
Seven years later her ghost came to the police station to ask me for an explanation
I will never find the cut flowers of my conscience

উহু! আপনি যাকে আমি Eidদুল ফিতরের দিন ত্যাগ করেছি
(Oh you whom I abandoned on the day of Eid Ul Fitar)
Promise to haunt me, promise to come back to me
I seek respite only in the darkness of the wind
The moon is my friend, she who knows my torments

এবং আমার জীবনের দাম আমার বন্দুকের ওজন
(And the price of my life is the weight of my gun)
With my gun at my back, I walk like an old man
The figure of a man jostles me, or was it the wind?
A cow bellowed, a dog ran away

প্লেটগুলি সোনার সাথে আবৃত, আমার শাশুড়ি ঘামছেন
(The plates are covered in gold, my mother-in-law is sweating)
I eat slowly, the window open to the month of Ramadan
Reminds me that yesterday I secretly loved you
I crunched a date, shook hands

চাঁদ আমার উপর এক ঝরনা বৃষ্টি হচ্ছিল
(The moon was raining a shower of light on me)
I recited a takbeer (prayer) I gave my watch to a poor man
Can Allah help me to lighten the weight of my repentance?
I am the most bitter policeman in the city

উহু! আপনি যাকে আমি Eidদুল ফিতরের দিন ত্যাগ করেছি
(Oh you whom I abandoned on the day of Eid Ul Fitar)
Promise to haunt me, promise to come back to me
My gun gets heavy, I kneel in a puddle
It’s raining on my temples, or is it my tears that are pouring out

আমার শরীর রঙিন পার্টির আকাশে বিলীন হয়ে গেল
(My body dissolved in the colorful sky of the party)
Children’s cries, screams of joy in the night
Banners in the wind, a politician singing
And on the roof of your house, your ghost falling asleep

রাস্তাটি মানুষের শূন্য, সকাল আবার দেখা দেয়
(The street empties of people, the morning reappears)
Like an old friend, like a passing bird
The cows have been taken to the yard
And my gun, I threw it into the river

আমি একজন ভূতপ্রাণীর শিকার পুলিশ সদস্য
(I am the most haunted policeman in Dhaka)
I’m cold I’m shaking, the wind is taking away my sobs
Someone touched my cheek, a woman’s dress went through me
A car ran over my grieving body

গর্জনকারী ট্রেনটি ইতিমধ্যে গতকালের আনন্দ নিয়ে চলেছে
(The roaring train already leaves with the joys of yesterday)
The night becomes more distant, the stars dissolve
The sky is a bath of alcohol, rose petals litter the ground
And the ghosts of yesterday grab our inert bodies

আমার বন্দুক মেহেদী একটি পোঁদে পড়েছে
(My gun lies in a puddle of henna)
I am the ghost of the policeman who loved you
Cars pass through my translucent tears
The sun rises over Dhaka, the party agonizes

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