The face of a God (Breton/English)

The island of Groix, a seagull flies over the bell tower of the black stone church
The sky is torn, an immense pink scarf, the stars sink in the day
A stranger took my hand in front of the ocean, the ink diluted the hours;
It was the month of mezheven (June), the black sky had replaced the light in our hearts,
The boats quivered under the violence of the rain, I sang a kan ha diskan (song and counter song) in the shadowy twilight;
My love the abardaez (the evening) sealed my departure towards the immobile havens of the death,
Hanternoz (midnight) already, the bells are sounded by a madman, hidden behind the devil’s cloak
A black bird pierced the clouds that had lingered, I pressed your naked hand;
I hung a red thread on the luminous arm of a star, it shone for a moment
Before the ocean overwhelmed it with its violence. I shouted Feiz ha Breiz (Faith and Brittany)
Follow me on the path of the opalescent dreams, let us touch the destiny with the frozen neck,
I renounce the world, I leave in the clearing, to make me religious under the sun without Gods
King Arzur is mounted on a rock, I see him making a sign to me; I leave –
The night envelops me with its bloody smile, I see your face in the evening mast,
I embarked on Salaün’s boat, the sea stretches out like a forsaken lover
Its waves caress my virgin cheek, I caress the foam e-pad an teir sizhunvezh a-bezh (during the three weeks) that our crossing lasted
The tower of the church seems far away, in the setting sun, it dissolves in the horizon,
The face of God appeared to me war-c’horre (on the surface) quivering of the cold water

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