City of Quartz (The Pink Night of Los Angeles)

Tom Bradley* sips the pale night
(* mayor of Los Angeles)
Gang culture, dirty pearl sky
Cylindrical towers of crushed glass,
I watch the summer blaze!

City of quartz that never shuts
In a low voice under the deluge of roads
Los Angeles has screwed our bitter eyes
LAPD’s blunders, insincere skies

A murder was committed under the storm
The evening howls over the villas of Northbridge
And like a gloomy and sincere promise
I took your hand under the stars emptied of their light

Shattering and gloomy architecture
I threw the pages of a black novel into the puddles
Of the boulevard – a billionaire plays a sad rhapsody
Girls ask for the price of chiste rings

The Archdiocese of LA gulps a blue whiskey
The City of Angels is a raging testimony,
Urban checkerboard, contrasting flowers,
I put a rose in my glass

I smoke the scent of violets in Santa Monica
The sky stinks of hell, love is here
The pool is starry with red sun,
Hollywood boulevard is a brothel

Southern California, Pacific I turn up the sound
A soccer star is on television
For the murder of his wife – anonymous
Have besieged the pink night of Los Angeles

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