Blódgéotend / Shedder of blood (Old English+English)

My eagþyrel (window) is wide open, blódgéotend (shedder of blood)
Is pouring from my heart, as the heofon (heaven) collapsed under the sun
Letting the visage of God move upon the quiet surface of the hours
I am kneeling, burnt by my woman’s teagor (tears) in a castle of silence,
Night has taken me courage, my white hrægl (dress) shakes in the frosty wind
The dryhtné (warrior’s corpse) of my brother lays in the herbs
I climbed the stairs of war with an eágwræc (a pain in the eyes)
My friend, will thou return from the fields of remembrances
For a gæstcwalu (torment of the soul) is crouching in my chest since I am a child
I am gifting this fugol (bird) to the violent wind, may he sends you my tears
For my sáwol (soul) is your, traveller, and my eagþyrel (window) will stay wide open for you
Until the night let your æfweardnes (absence) become less painful
I will wait in my shivering white hrægl (dress), a pallid burgweard (city defender) I am
The rocks of my castle crumble at the sound of our ennemy’s horses
Tell me Night, where did my lufigend (lover) go ? Is he clad in the warm voice of a God?
In the starlights, I will perform the nihtgild (sacrifice celebrated at night) of my vows
The face of the children we could have appears as a dream it has lighten the darkness
Your andsýn (face) burns like an old lamp, I will pierce my soul with this dagger
The ennemy’s horse ransack the fields already, my love, my synbryne (burning ardor)
Is vanishing at the threshold of violence, I am no longer the beautiful burgwela (treasure of a city)
My castle merge into the pink twilight’s fumes, I become a bird, for my héahlufe (great love) is away
The earendel (dayspring dawn) clear my name at once from the earth, the roses buds in oblivion
My soulmate might win the war, the castle has become a memory and the night swallows every prayer

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