I beated up the night

A brave sun
Went to the police
« I made a mistake – he said,
I beated up the night

My hot breath
On her cold neck
I pressed my rays
On her slow black train

She was suffocating but I
Continued to grab her
Continued my crime
A fist of light on her breast

The cop with round eyes:
« It will be in the papers tomorrow
Have a glass of gin
Sleep in a cell ».

A shameful sun
Prostrate on a cramped bed
Memories of bright gardens
Of lovers hand in hand

Went to the police station
To confess his fault his crime
A shady sun
Falls asleep behind bars

The next day the flashes crackle
« What are you looking at? « 
The night has come to bear witness
In court in her golden cape

The judge with his round eyes
Watches them hate each other
From one end of the room to the other
It falls from the stardust

The night wants her revenge
She asks for the gallows
For a violent sun
For the summer sun

The prosecutor strikes three blows
The silence – the night falls
He leaves the court ;
The handcuffed sun

Returns to his cell
Dreaming of a bright moon
Eyes in the cracks of the ceiling
Its dark and guilty rays

« Tomorrow I will be judged
By all humanity
The one I lit up
The one I burned too much « 

« Be merciful, good people
I beated up the night
The stars have stained the earth
Pour me another gin ».

« Tomorrow will come with its monstrous train
I’ll go up on the scaffold
And one look back
I’ll melt into the smoke of the sky »

« The red planets
Are already trembling with anger,
Take off these handcuffs
I’ll run away from here ».

« I who have beated the night
By a summer breeze
I’m going to melt into the merciful sky
To escape the revenge of the night « 

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