The red skies

My car overturned on the road
The hood smokes, I cry a little
The smoke stung my eyes
And the sky blushes to see me panic

My gun is in the car
My heart remained petrified between your fine fingers
Magic flower of lust
I am absorbed in your unhealthy look

Your memory in me, like a pulse
I fuck a whore in nylon stockings
I burst the sky, I take off – the silence
offered me a kind gallows

The bulbs explode, a flash
Perverted the journalistic night
I nodded, I distributed cash
To children who devoured my money

The sky is red and you disappeared
I looked for you in all the streets
I think I’m in the wrong city?
Did you take the ferry for another romance?

Jostled by a cloud of people
I lose my soul I lose my blood
Join me in this side of the world
The night has caught up with my shadow

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