The ghost of an officer

The sky smokes cigars and smells of sweat
A toothpick in my mouth, I walk
The wind beats on my temples
Sleep presses my hurried steps

Violence of a dull night
I wish I had shot down your memory on the spot
A trash can shudders in the wind
Drunkards dance like ghosts

Around the ambition-lit towers
The future mingles with the tears of the sun
A homicide has been reported to the police station
It is a woman who killed her lover

I’m spawning with my memories of you
Blink at me from your ivory tower,
The light explodes in my eye sockets
And your absence catapults pain into my chest

I am the scapegoat of love
In this jumble of sad passion
The minutes fly by, I cross the city
A soccer player sells me a dream

Through a broken television set
Your laughter clings to the back of my consciousness
Your name is seeding the wave-ground of my life
I stink of alcohol and disillusionment

Love is a skein of brutality
A bloody baptism, a banality,
A second degree burn
And I run straight into the rain, stunned

The ghost of an officer
Has handed me a photograph
It’s your face, you look like him
I took the picture in my dirty hands

The police services
Will search for my remains for a long time
I am hidden in a white cloud
In the wine of the passing time

Can you escort me for a moment?
I’m leaving this place, I’m leaving this leaking sky
I’ve spent too long dreaming of you
And I know you have forgotten me

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