Deedar / Seeing the lover / L’exécution (Urdu / French / English)

Written in collaboration with Pakistani poet Humzah Al Kindi

The lights are off,
The blue diyar (house)
Remained unsensitive
To the sky’s and my prayers

I hid under the storm,
Sans toi (without you)
The sky is loosing temper

The lights are off,
Scarlet mist envelops
the maqtal (execution ground)
Your white face,
in petals,
through the wind

La mort (the death),
Wet eyes,
Shameful grace —
Will I see your ghost tonight?

Deedar (seeing the lover)
Exécuté (executed),

I fainted,
Under a cloud
that was holding my past

I was running from an incendie (fire),
My all-time ennemie (enemy),
the beating
is louder and louder

The lights are off
Now blue dreams are doori (far)
J’ai empoigné la vie (I have clutched life)
Squeezed it like a wet sun

Now my aashiq (lover) is gone

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