Revolution (EN)

Let me leave this city,

The revolution is the wind swollen with sky that rises on our eyes
Petals of regrets fall on our lips,
The ghosts have stormed the Pantheon; tonight
Let me pass through this cloud of angry souls
These brown cohorts, these bitter cohorts;
This people who see the truth melt under the sun
Their wrinkled hands clutching the hand of hope
I lifted my ambition above my brow, it burned like a flame in the evening

Let me desert the wind, leave my country
Abandon the palaces, the cities – Revolutionary songs
Licked the cobblestones of Paris,

The upset notes shook the waves of the Seine
The ghost of Victor Hugo bathed in a dark puddle
And humiliated me while I ran out of breath
As I betrayed freedom through the evening light
See that angry cloud near the Champs-Elysées?

Truth rose like a neglected lover
I raised my eyes on the night, it poured courage on me

I return as a hero with my hands buried in the clay of the capital
A ghost haunts the bottom of my eyes,

The streets are full of victorious demons
I saw the spectre of Jaurès kneeling near a church
He spoke to me of a bygone era and I retreated

The truth embraced me, we danced on the lighted platform
We danced in the light of utopia, we made Paris dance
Tomorrow will come, with its unhealthy bridal train
We will abolish the oppression, this gloomy star

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