Inqilab — Revolution (Urdu + English)

Written with Pakistani poet Humzah Al Kindi

Inqilab – the hearbeat of revolution is taking over my light heart
As your smile resonates in me like a drum; as the sun beats the earth
Yaar (Friend), I can not forget the memories of your love, the moonlight
That drove our paths, when the majestuous shaheen (eagle) was in sight

Today my soul runs out of alfaaz (words), I am intoxicated by the town’s aatish (fire)
Let me join you in chaos. The buildings turned embers. Let us be foolish
This zaman (era) is a promise for the lovers of revolutions
Our people ask for answers, as children ask questions

I have been looking for the face of my aashiq (lover) in the harbour
And there you were, bright like a morning star
My heart sank, the alfaaz (words) were gone,
You looked towards me I looked away, undone

Aashiq, go somewhere where I can’t see you
My jazbaat (passion) is teeming with lahoo
But — not today. Not tomorrow. Stay in this shayari (poetry)
For this saal (year). Stay in my Zindagi (life)

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