Aliénor of Aquitaine

Queen of France and England
Her fine fingers beat the measure
A troubadour sings in the langue d’oc
A magician sends doves to hell

Elder daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine
Courtly love, the radiance of the language
Are only the reflection of the medieval sun
The dresses are heavy, the steps hurried

Tapestry workshops are created
Wedding night in the castle of Taillebourg
Macabru is sent away from the court
For having sung to the queen of his love

Eleanor offers to her husband
A vase made of rock crystal
Given to her grandfather
By the taifa king of Saragossa

The second crusade on the march
Eleanor returns alone by boat
Abandoned by Louis VII
Her ship is taken in a battle

The black legend of the queen of Aquitaine
Her ghost in the clouds of history
Jean de Salisbury traces his name on the yellowed paper
The cathedral of Poitiers owes its life to him

The abbey of Fontevraud under the rain
Her recumbent awaits us, the colors have survived
In his wrinkled hands the Book of Life
The queen will read each day of her death

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