Dronningens tale / The Queen’s speech (Danish + English)

Dronningens tale starter (The Queen’s speech begins)
It’s raining cotillions. The rain is dancing around our necks
A television has been installed in the hairdressing salon
A woman sweeps the broom while listening to the sweet voice of her Majesty

Kom, sid ne dog tag et glas champagne (Come, sit down and have a glass of champagne)
Let’s watch our hopes drown tonight in the river
With the help of alcohol, our torn hearts separate from our chest
And fly away to the dazzling firmament of the skies
A cloud sucks our eyes. The light explodes. A young woman passes by

Du er fri til at gøre hvad du vil (This year has not been easy)
I had to pray to the devil, I who am a poor soul
I had to throw away my cards. They told the truth about our destinies
They had scared me. They had betrayed me
And the demons danced before my exhausted body

Hvor var det en fin tale (That was a really nice speech)
Come on, let’s go set fire to a police car
Before the mafia takes over the heart of Copenhagen
Come, give me your hand, take my drink. Throw the alcohol on these flowers
Let’s run before the rain tears the black knife of the night

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