Cannes Filmfestival

An old woman has thrown her sunglasses into the ocean
My spectre brought them back to her. I burst out with an evil laugh
My teeth were bleeding. The sea flashes under the strobe lights.
A beggar stared at me. He walked the red carpet.

The French Riviera under a deluge of black glitter
An actress gave the beggar a fiver
He thanked her by turning into a portico
And the actress entered the festival palace shivering

One hand on her red Vuitton bag, the other on her glossy lips
She could not believe her eyes, I greeted her with a bow
My Father forgive me I will put fire
At the Cannes festival, I have dynamite in my attire

I ran along the ocean, it rained scattered embers
The beggar burst out with a sinister laugh, he caressed my cheek
As if I were his son, as if I were a minister
I, who am only a reflection of the ocean, the spectre of the neon lights

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