The einnosteaddji / The Seer (Northern Same + English)

Mii siidii gul’lo? (What’s up)
The ice ridge crosses the lagoon
It’s a cold that tears sensitive hearts
The night scatters black on the snows
Seals fall asleep near a crevasse

Mus jorrá oaivi (my head is spinning)
The purple sky throws lightning
I have forgotten my name in the burning ice
And the stars lick my face
With their bright and pure tongue

Leatgo don sihkar (are you sure)
Have you not forgotten your soul in the city
These expanses of flakes have no heart
The wizards live in the center of the earth
They breathe the embers of winter

De lean sihkar (Yes I am sure)
I leave never to return
The gusts carry me away
The snow rises in smoke
And the sun makes it disappear

The einnosteaddji (the seer) was right
My ghost fights the rain
It struggles out of my body,
Over the steaming lagoon
And he roams the Same country

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