DAVVIN / In The North (northern Same + English)

From the heart of Sweden to the Kola Peninsula
Snow falls on the gas station
The highways look like starry skies
A joik (traditional song) is heard on the radio

The great lake is inhabited by thick smoke
Who raise their white hands to the sky
There is coal in the eyes of the fishermen
The fish are the souls of the damned

The birch bark displays both our names
The forest is adorned with a purple sheet, it is the summer sky
I asked the stars to pour me water
It rained on the territory of Lapland

The boazu (reindeer) stopped at the edge of the village
He looked at the moon in the clouds
Then he galloped towards the horizon
And disappeared while I mourned your departure

He joined a black herd, stuck to his fellow creatures
The gaze sunk in the starry vault
He forgot the wild humanity in the tundra
And I fled from the companionship of men

I pitched my goahti (tent) in the forest
Davvin (in the north) the rain falls hard,
Every drop is a liquid dagger
And my tears freeze on my cheekbones

It is an ahkidis muitalus (a sad story)
A journey to the invisible eternal,
I rise each morning with the dawn
And the forest smiles and speaks to me

Johtti (traveler) I live alone in the forest
The reindeer keep me company
I have given up taming the birds
And the rain washes away my dark thoughts

Do you hear the sun yawn?
I cut a shiny tree trunk
The chips dirty the wet earth
I will make the horizon blaze

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