The blind svanur / A blind swan (Icelandic + English)

I went up on a promontory, the horizon disappeared
Reykjavik (literally « the bay of smoke ») was waking up in a daze
The Landsbanki (National Bank) vomited liters of black oil
The frost had taken possession of our foggy minds

Look! This is the path that the witch takes every morning
To visit the most listened tónskáld (composer) of Iceland
A hrafn (raven) is posted at her window and listens to their conversation
And the öskubakki (ashtray) fills up as the notes are released into the atmosphere

My símsvari (answering machine) has been empty for a long time, no one has called me
And I’m swimming in the murky waters of a magician’s anger
I was in love with a rithöfundur (writer), this is what he told me
« One day in these places, you will make a dream without color nor face,

And the lagoon will throw itself in the immensity of the himinn (sky) « 
That day the witch was staring at me, she was licking an ice cream of sólber (blackcurrant)
Her eyes were a höll (palace) erected to conceal her wickedness
She looked at me and on my cheeks she put a lilja (lilac) mark

I am in love with a writer, with music and the sky
And with that noisy God who stands prostrate in the dómkirkja (cathedral)
When the organ plays an andartak (moment) as I approach my faith
I’m in love with this stjarna (star) called fate

And I drink from the cup of clouds swollen with rain
Liters of rain, I wash myself of the witch’s curse
She who changed me into a bird, one day when she was angry
Today I vomit rivers of boiling and bitter tears

A kirkja (church) asleep in the shadow of a cemetery
Hosted my body and its hundreds feathers
A pastor was mumbling sentences in muffled decibels
I listened, me the atheist bird bewitched by prayer

Freyja (goddess of love) heard me whisper to the earth
She who gives me back every evening my carnal envelope
To take me away for a while from the perfidious eyes of the witch
Listen to me! A blind svanur (swan) replaced me on earth

By daylight I split the icy waters with my hvítur (white) feathers
This evil kerling (woman) comes to visit me every night
I long for eternal rest, my body is buried by the lake where I swim
Bless (goodbye) colors and faces of an intense spring of life

The invisible people of the elves greet me from the rocks
I spy every night the draugur (ghost) of my body coming back to me
But the water always widens its eyes and the sky is silent while I swim
And poetry comes to haunt the uninhabited spaces of the park where I live

God becomes small in my sundlaug (pool) of dark water
And the sky is colored by touches of pink and purple oils
Listen! A blind svanur (swan) has replaced me on earth
And tonight like every night my body wakes up

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