Tuscany 2

A cypress hedge rises in the wind
As if to greet my passage
I run breathless in the moribund alleys
The sky shows me its burning fist

The deep red chianti of my lips
Still trembles when I hear your name
The earth is littered with dead bottles
I’m here, leaning against an advertising sign

I’m here, alone on the terrace of the Ristoro
At the castello di Ama, I hear your voice
It resounds in my conscience
Like the echo of a splendid sun

And the hills of Chianti
Offer themselves like prostitutes
To the luminous whims of August
I wait for your shadow in a castle hidden by the clouds

You see my love, the night is interrupted
To let us bathe at dusk
In the river that divides Florence
At the end of this steep path

It sinks into the reds and golds of the evening
The wind blows your name on the vines
I bought a dagger and dipped it in brandy
I will tear the ochre curtain of the evening

I will slash a path of light to you
You see! A child plays soccer
An old man lights a cigarette
The sky blows embers on our eyes

I’ll sleep in the abbey
To pray, joining our two names
In my prayers like two hands entwined
The walls of the city of Lucca

Are the white lace on the night
The Roman theater of Fiesole
Still boasts its history
It plunges its face in the trees

Which gods still listen to me?
I tell you that my fate is done
It was decided by the olive trees of Tuscany
That bend under the sun like peasants

And this rain that does not fall!
I wait for you on top of one of the towers of San Gimignano
I spy your shadow hidden between the trees
I will wait for you until it snows

On the hills of Tuscany

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