Stokholm (EN)

I threw the dice in the fog
A ghost brought them back to me
The warship of the Vasa museum
Takes us to tear the steam of the clouds

An owl flew away
Its feathers had caught fire
The gardens of Rosendal
Welcomed the ashes of its wings

I kissed you in the bay of Riddarfjärden
The brick towers were watching us
A curtain of golden drops
Has invaded every inch of Stokholm

The birds leave the country
The sunset embraces Mälarpaviljongen
I threw the dice with my eyes closed
And you brought them back to me

Stokholm is on fire
I sip a cocktail
While admiring the view on Södermalm
Let’s play dice before midnight

The small houses of the Tanto working class garden
Shade our bent backs,
To our backs bent by the white light
Paradise is out of reach

A sailboat is moored in the port
Let’s visit the island of Riddarholmen
Let’s make the show for the birds
Let’s admire the reflection of the sun on the cold water

Let’s play dice before midnight
Until the game is over
I intend to set the dice on fire
If they don’t let me win your soul

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