Aerian acrobatics

It’s raining night drops
The moon applauds from its aerial trapeze
The public is stunned, its breath
Is held by the aviator

The Extra 300 splits the mauve mist
In inverted flight over the asphalt
From its prison of sky
And flies, and flies throughout the ocean of clouds

It rains cold drops
On the oversized wings
The audience is moved by a wave of joy
And the green and white umbrellas keep silent

In front of the daring maneuver
Night acrobatics, dancers of the skies
The sky is adorned with wisps of pink smoke
The children laugh in the lap of their matrons

And the night wraps the acrobatics
With a light and mysterious smile
While the planes pilot each glance of the audience
And dazzle the darkness

As they swoop down to earth;
The barriers of the airfield have shaken
The night gives way to the assaults of the planes
And drop golden dust in their wake

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