Tunisian walls

I walked through the white streets of Tunis
A bird flew around the port, like an omen
Children were playing with fishermen’s ropes
I walked until the night caught me

Like a deer with a bewitching look,
A trawler was taking a summer sunbath
But the night was about to make our souls dance
I didn’t go home tonight

What’s the point of living, if you don’t exist,
If this life is a dream, that I imagined your smile
That everything was a game, that everything was a dream;
A bewitching night that laughed at reality?

What’s the point of living, if you don’t exist,
If our love is a dream, that everything was a dream?
The linen ropes of Tunis tremble, the storm is brewing,
I will walk until I die of exhaustion,

For if you don’t exist, that I had the most beautiful dream
That I dreamed of love but that love laughs at me,
What is the use of praying, what is the use of continuing to live?
I will walk in the white streets of Tunis,

Walking my fear, walking my weary sorrow,
I will dance in the wind, before the pain erases me
I’m going to repeat this dream a thousand times before reality suffocates it
I am in love with an angel, I imagined his face

It shone in the Tunis night like a village festival,
The birds cut out a piece of sky,
They gave it to us as a wedding gift,
But was it real, today I doubt and pray

And if this life is a dream, that I imagined your love,
In that bewitching night when you seemed real,
I’ll walk like an angel and go up in smoke
What’s the point of living if you don’t exist

Let me dream, let me walk until I die,
Let me pray to this angel until the Arab morning,
Let me pray to him to give me a sign
A hundred days I listened to the same music

God played the flute to my sensitive ears
He promised me that my lover would come to me
I waited on the harbor, arms crossed on my chest
Only the wind came, which carried away my tears

If you exist give me a sign, yesterday,
I was ready to die in the bewitching night
But a voice made me turn around
Just as I was about to jump into the raging sea

It was a little girl running to her parents
I watched the evening fall with passion
Was it a sign of life, the smile of a child
I closed my eyes and saw life go on

The future took the shape of a little girl
We called her Ayna (mirror) to reflect the future
And the love sprinkled the white walls of Tunis
I turned around and saw this child looking at me;

She was the tiny hope that was missing in the night
I got a gulp and went back to the city
With my hands in my pockets and hope as my friend
I closed my eyes in sandy sheets

Tunis clenched its fist, the night fled
I stopped praying, I’ll wait for hope to make the night lie
I’ll wait for you to be mine in the white streets of Tunis
In these days tired of wiping my tears

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