In love with the Devil

I waited on the platform of the station, the streetlights were flashing.

There was only the breath of the wind to make my heart dance

I watched a torn newspaper fly away, the rain was beating down

In this deserted train station, the street lights were soaked with rain

I’ve got a secret, that the gusts are trying to take away

I thought of your smile that radiates my memory

A haunting thought, that comes back like the morning

Every day in my chest, drying my tears, drying everything

I have a secret, that the gusts of wind try to tear from me

I fell in love with a white cloudy expanse, with love’s glory

A blazing lightning bolt that tore apart the surrounding purity

A shadowy shape dancing outside my everyday’s glee

I have a secret, that the gusts of wind try to tear from me

A man came into my room, through the open window

He caressed every book in my library, I thought he was out a tale

But when he turned around I knew I had met the devil.

I’ve got a secret, that the gusts of wind try to tear out of me

I’m in love with the most hated God on earth

A fallen angel, I’m in love with his bright light with the hearth

Of his smile, he has stolen every bit of my soul, I am

In love with the devil,

Don’t try to tell my secret to the wind;

It won’t believe you, I tried to tell someone this morning

I told my fiancé that the Devil kissed me while I was dreaming

In a dark dream, that he held my heart in his eyes

My fiancé had a devilish laugh, he called a nurse

The Devil watched me leave in an ambulance,

I saw a tear roll down on his impassive face

I’ve got a secret, that the gusts of wind are trying to tear out

I’ve entrusted my heart to the cruelest being on earth

The nurses try to convince me that it’s not sane

But I know that far away, love is not waiting for me in vain

One day I’ll get out of this asylum where my fiancé has locked me up

I will go to the platform of a deserted station to converse with the rain

This benevolent wet angel who weighs down the wings of birds

Who washes the flames of our hearts and listens to our sorrows

I am in love with

In love with the Devil,

Don’t try to tell my secret; it’s useless, not even fun

I tried and my fiancé locked me up in an asylum

I pray all night, when the hospital’s halls are dark

For my dream to take the shape of a silhouette, a face

For the Devil to send me a letter, to whisper with his divine voice

That my dream was real; that reality would embrace

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