New-York – Paris (EN)

My mask fell like a beech leaf on the chalky boulevard
I raised my head, the skies were fading, your eyes
Had melted into the shadowy fabric of the clouds
I ran, the city was deserted, a mirage of shameful concrete

Black puddles, blue masks, a child passed like an omen
I can still hear his nervous laughter tearing the wise fog
The shop windows lamented, dripping on both sides of the sidewalk
The cinemas closed, the theaters lowered their eyelids in the rain

From New York to Paris, humanity was more discreet than ever
The hands of its children touched each other discreetly, they are now parting
And the infernal Gods contemplate the hell mocking our wanderings
Saint-Michel is deserted, torn scarves sleep on the white asphalt

Like caged birds, the black pupil of our eyes observes the stupor of the morning
We pray that the borders lower their guard like wary dogs
We speak of combat, of human lives, but each one lives his own war
In this period suspended like a bridge tottering under a raging sea

I saw your beautiful face, like a candle in the night
Or was it the evening that chased our ideas, art, life and regrets?
New York slept in the pouring rain, a shower of rain washed away the chalk, the graffiti
And my city thought of you as it dressed its sky in a dreamy, smooth morning

Your mask fell, in a deserted park, on the other side of the world
The sequoia danced, the sky glowed, my blonde eyes
Dropped your name in my memory like an aspirin in a glass of whiskey
I saw you smile at last, your city was filling up, the future like a dazzled angel

Appeared in the palm of the twilight, like a happy omen
The statue of liberty trembled, the wind was stubborn that summer
I was at the Trocadero, the storm was rumbling like an operetta singer
And hope sprang up like an acrobat on both sides of the planet

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