Las Vegas’ best gambler

A man in a yellow raincoat points his gun at the sins of the night
Pixels attack our drunken pupils
In the glass-blown hall, I took your hand under the geyser, I kissed you time stopped
The desert spits its burning venom on our eyelids,

Have you tried every bar on this street?
I do not believe you.
I talked to the barman he is a chameleon
He changes color with every drink, far from the Grand Canyon

I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower overlooking the Strip, I’m going crazy
Welcome to a city without a past, in sultry times
Let’s make love on Manalay Bay Beach, rollerblading on the seawalls
The women have crystal earrings that reflect the mockery of the moon

And the sun jumped from a precipice of glittering light
107 Skylounge, my glass has coral bubbles, your dark blue eyes
Have hooked my soul; the flame of my love is unquenchable
I have stained Las Vegas with indelible ink, the hotels are frowning

A glass of rum in my hand, I skim the sky with its quiet sun
The morning yawns over our crimes, a young actor rag in hand
Tries to erase your name that I engraved on all the white walls
He sponges his forehead, overturns his bucket and leaves,

Is a city without a past, a mermaid without an ocean
Pacific time zone, let’s take the monorail to the retro casino
Far from the glitter of the Strip, from the student bars, let’s become the wind
That takes its youth in a debauchery of dancing neon

If the music is too loud, put your hand on my heart
I want these beats to be the only bass that intoxicates you
The flowers of the winter garden made me cry,
The grand piano at the Bellagio stopped,

The ocean swirled — or was it the sky — I buried my face in the mist
The ghost of a Harley Davidson came to take us to see the sunset
I ate shrimp linguine while tracing your name in the sand.
The sky turned white, the ocean sparkled, the dizziness made us happy

Someone shouted in the crowd, the Ferris wheel went off, we had to go back
With my heels in my hand, I walked barefoot and cried,
I found you sitting on the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental (Las Vegas hotel)
You were throwing peanuts at the neon lights on the Strip and you handed me a glass of champagne,

But love is the only drink that gets me drunk, and the neon lights are going out
Take my hand, let’s go turn the lights back on in Las Vegas, the city has gone dark
To leave us alone,
Let’s caress her cloudy cheek, her burning forehead, and thank her for gifting us an hour

Let’s turn on Las Vegas, it’s gone out to make a bed of silence for us
Let’s thank her, let’s make love seven times, and let’s turn on her sultry neon lights
I’ll take you to the worst movie studio in town
Light my cigarette, the actresses here are pretty like swans

They have a crown of dreams around their black curls
And my poetry makes them a red carpet tonight; follow me under the police sirens,
A man is on the run, he stole some of the dream of this city
Let’s dance at the Intrigue, if you’re not afraid of the noise and the tuxedoed vigilantes

The morning aligns the cars under the reddening sky, like white dominoes
I ate a duck with lychee this morning, now I want to bite into the strongest peppers
Have you forgotten like me the casinos in the glittering day of Las Vegas?
The gambling industry spits out wisps of money, local politicians mop their sweaty brows

Frank Sinatra’s shadow caresses the made-up cheeks of beautiful women clad in Stella McCartney
Come with me to this cold war museum, let’s dream of nuclear testing in the Nevada desert
Is this love just a casino game, that we play together?
I know the chances are slim that you’ll ever kiss me but I’m the best gambler in Vegas

I’ve dipped my pen in the oil of Maseratis, in open-air pools, in the pupils of prostitutes,
And I wrote three hundred days for you to pay attention to me, Las Vegas was shaking, the city was getting cold
If this love is a dream, I’ll pray all night for literature to do it again
Every morning, every night until you take me in any glittering corner of the earth

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