Sveti Stefan beach (Montenegro 2)

I see you sitting at night at my window. I know that one evening you will talk to me, far from the Albanian border, and that you will take me to one of the most beautiful mountains in Europe, where the lynx hides from men.

Come, let’s go and make this country blush, which is called « the black mountain » because it is so hilly. I’ll take you to see the white horizon from Tara’s viewpoint.

Run with me up the stairs, but don’t let go of my hand. Let’s go to the Durmitor mountain range and get lost in the forest of Biogradska Gora.

Let us change into a bird and fly with you through these mountain landscapes. Let’s dance like birds along the Adriatic coast from Herceg Novi to Ulcinj in the east.

Let’s go swimming in the Skadar lake, wait for me on the shore, if you wish. 273 species of birds fly over the lake in summer. The Dalmatian pelican looks a bit silly, he must be in love with you. I caressed with my eyes the water lilies and the thousand butterflies that haunt the shores of the lake.

The algae of the Skadar lake hide heavy secrets. But I don’t care about History at this point, I want to live forever between your wet eyelashes. Come on, let’s go back to the mountain, you see this edelweiss, let’s dive into the fog, the heather is a shadow in the mountainous valley.

The oleander and the Aleppo pines on our left, the mimosas that underline the splendor of summer on our right. And your face caressing the sparkling air, like a Mediterranean violet.

Let’s go back down to the village. As we pass, peasants are threshing wheat and a juggler is telling a terrible story to laughing children. Fairies are serving champagne in cafés and televisions – don’t stop to watch the game, Montenegrins love soccer as much as their forests –.

My love, I’m taking you to Sveti Stefan, the luxury island imagined by Marshal Tito for debauchery. Let’s steal a motorcycle, while the villagers dance around Vladimir’s cross, let’s melt into the wind. And if you don’t know how to ride a motorcycle I do neither, let’s become birds again and go heckle the billionaires.

I put on a red vest embroidered with gold threads, in my leather belt I keep a small local gun. Let’s go and sabotage the aluminum mines, disturb the millionaires on Sveti Stefan. The kastradina (national lamb dish) has made us crazy, and the vranac (red) wines make us dream of revenge.

My love, don’t look at the naked dancers on the island. Take my pistol, let’s go and pierce the dollars that are blazing and flying over the braziers. Take my hand, hold me in your arms, let’s be the vigilantes of a damned night. The Montenegrin wolf has lent us his courage for the few coming hours.

The private beach of pink sand swirls under the steps of the peroxidized women. Aman Sveti (one of the most luxurious hotel groups in the world) has to be careful, I have a small gun but the courage of the night tonight since you are with me.

And if you hold my hand before I commit the irreparable, if you don’t let me become a criminal, I will leave without having killed a billionaire but with your heart in my hand.

Take me to the mountain to dry my trembling hands and wet with tears. Take me far away in your arms, forget the injustice and make love to you a hundred times. The glacial lakes will welcome our sight, lay me on the shore and cover me with your shadow.

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