Shinjuko (Literary heroe)

The commuter train stopped on a bridge
My poem accompanies each breath of the rails
I am hot, my chest burns with each fallen dead leaf
The suiheisen (horizon) is faded, purple and white

I am jealous of the lamp that lights you
I lost my anshin (peace, tranquility) under the ivory sky,
My soul swirls
Is love the meaning of life?

Answer my question before the sunset splashes our eyes
Tomorrow will take us to other lands
A photograph fell on the gnarled ground
It is a brilliant postcard

But the rain already sweeps away all the colors of the card
And from sidewalk to sidewalk the wind
Takes it strolling through the city
And the night rain disarms our burning hearts

An iwashigumo (autumn cloud) rumbles
Lightnings tear the windows of the train
The rain drips in brilliant cascades
Birds cut themselves in clusters on the horizon,

Like a shinryaku (invasion) of thoughts
Our story is a hanashi (story) a little fantastic
I will take your hand one hot evening, when the train starts again
I lost my mind listening too loudly to jazz

In the hotel the sun agitates sheets of blue light
I hope my sighs didn’t make you angry
The moon caught me while I was crying
The night fell. The clouds were a prison of poetry

This poem is a new whispering to the night
Your sight burned me as I closed my eyes
The wind let me see your figure in the distance,
Shujinko (literary hero)

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